Plastinudos Bio

High quality, biodegradable twist-tie

Available in any color, always green

At Plastinudos Bio we offer closure and fastening solutions in the format and color that your business needs, always respecting the environment and sustainability. That's why we say, we manufacture in any color, but always "green" with the environment.

Solutions and Products

Our experts have designed different types of wires coated with different materials, which diversifies the consumption of our products.

It is mainly used to tie or close packages that fit the needs of your company: wether it is agricultural, food, medical, industrial, services and many other uses





It can be tied manually, with semi-automatic machine, or automatic machines, all according to the customer's need, we guarantee satisfaction with service and quality.


FormatProduct WidthBiodegradableMts per spool
spool2mmyes1000 - 1500 mt
spool3.15mmyes610 - 1000 mt
cut tie8mmyes7cm a 12cm
cut tie2mmyes7cm a 20cm
Box 2,000 pieces2mmyes10 cm
cut tie3.15mmyes10cm

Our standard production colors are:               

Yellow, Blue, White, Brown, Red, Green, Orange, Black


Double Twist-Tie

4mm wide, 5mm wide, 6mm wide and 8mm wide


Distribution & Delivery

We have deliveries in the metropolitan area. We currently ship products throughout Mexico and exports to Central America and North America, we work with different companies for export, freight and courier companies to deliver the product directly to you.